What is ENKI

ENKI is a Trading Application that specialises in trading Ethereum Futures.

ENKI is a breakout strategy at its core, mixed with moving averages to define points of entry.

Perfect for volatile market conditions with its long & short trading approach.

  • Trader Joe

    - Makes inconsistent & emotional trading decisions

    - Spends hours on research and reading charts

    - Gets lost in trading tools and conflicting information from "Trading-Gurus"

    - Mostly focussed on long set-ups, misses out in Bear Markets

    - Needs time away from the markets and misses trades

  • You with ENKI

    - Get signals based on 100% rational decisions

    - No time investment and knowledge required

    - End-to-End solution that doesn't require your input

    - Works in any market condition (Bull & Bear Market)

    - Active 24/7 with fast, reliable & efficient trade execution

  • Performance

    ENKI stays profitable when ETH is dropping.

    • ENKI: +1319%
    • ETH: 818%
  • Quarterly Performance (QPY)

    ENKI smoothes ETH's volatility.

    • ENKI: 5% to +70%
    • ETH: -69% to +162%
  • Drawdown

    Reduce your risk with ENKI.

    • ENKI: -28%
    • BTC: -79%

Invest with ENKI

Shaman Trading is structured in a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation).

In order to invest with ENKI you have to join the DAO first and buy our native token STT.

Find more info on how to invest by clicking the button below.


A Trading Application is a computer program designed by traders or developers to buy and sell assets for you at the right time based on a trading strategy. A Trading Application is also called a trading bot or trading algorithm that automatically goes through a set of instructions and carries out tasks and processes much faster, more accurately, and at a higher volume than it would otherwise take humans.

Using the Trading Application ENKI gives every investor the advantage of having automated and profitable trades for Ethereum Futures. Instead of buying Ethereum on the Spot market relatively cheap and expecting to sell it at a higher price later, Bitcoin Futures Trading with Trading Application ENKI is trading in both market directions and finds opportunities to enter a trade almost every day.

Futures are a type of derivative contract that obligate two parties to exchange an asset - or a cash equivalent - at a predetermined price on a future date. When investors buy and sell Ethereum futures contracts, they are speculating about ETH's future price.

In order to invest in ENKI you have to join the Shaman Trading DAO first. Find more info here.