• About Shaman Trading

    Shaman Trading is dedicated to simplifying Real World Asset (RWA) investments through blockchain technology.
    Its mission is to empower investors and property developers by offering essential infrastructure - a transparent and efficient platform that guarantees robust returns and growth opportunities.

    Prospective stakeholders are invited to join Shaman Trading in reshaping the RWA landscape towards a more inclusive and prosperous future.

  • What is the Opportunity?

    The opportunity within the Real World Asset (RWA) economy is vast, encompassing a global market valued in trillions, with a substantial focus on real estate. This thriving market attracts a diverse range of players, including investors, property developers, and asset management firms. However, traditional barriers like illiquidity, geographical constraints, and opaque transactions have historically hindered its full potential.

  • What is the Problem?

    In traditional real-world asset investing, challenges persist for both property developers and investors.

    Property developers often face liquidity issues that tie up their capital and hinder new projects. Geographical limitations restrict their reach, and high intermediary costs impact their profitability.

    Investors grapple with liquidity concerns that hinder quick transactions, geographical barriers that limit diversification, and a lack of transparency and high costs that affect their investments.

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    1. Fractionalization (On-Chain): The journey commences in the on-chain realm, where property developers utilize the platform to fractionalize their properties. Employing blockchain technology, this process enhances accessibility and liquidity for potential investors.
    2. Investor Participation (On-Chain): Investors enter the on-chain phase, where funds and digital receipts find secure custody. This ensures a seamless bridge between the on-chain and off-chain worlds, guaranteeing transparency and security.
    3. Property Acquisition (Off-Chain): Transitioning to the off-chain world, a local entity acquires the property directly from the project developer. This strategic step ensures compliance with local laws and regulations, laying the groundwork for the process.
    4. Ownership Transfer (Off-Chain): In the off-chain realm, ownership rights seamlessly change hands from the local entity to the Bahamas-based entity. This transfer is necessitated by the fact that digital receipts, representing ownership rights, are held between the investor and Shaman Trading's Bahamas-based entity.
    5. Settlement of Funds & Digital Receipts (On-Chain): Returning to the on-chain realm, the settlement process finalizes the off-plan property purchasing procedure. Funds and digital receipts remain securely in custody but are now accessible for withdrawal to personal wallets by property developers and investors. At this stage, Shaman Trading also deducts the listing fee, reflecting its commitment to transparency and efficiency. This integration of on-chain and off-chain activities underscores Shaman Trading's innovative approach to real-world asset investment.
    6. Property Development and Sale (Off-Chain): As the property development reaches completion, the local entity initiates the sale of the property in the off-chain world. The resulting proceeds from this sale follow a structured distribution process. First, they flow to Shaman Trading's Bahamas-based entity, and subsequently, to the owners of the fractionalized ownership units. The distribution is conducted after the deduction of the performance fee, aligning interests and ensuring fair compensation.
  • Speed, Transparency, and Security

    Blockchain technology records real estate project data, offering unparalleled accessibility, transparency, and security in ownership records. This mitigates fraud risks and instils trust in the market.

  • Legally-Backed Digital Certificates

    Digital receipts hold legal equivalence to signed commercial contracts under Swiss law, ensuring robust legal backing for investments.

  • Liquidity Enhancement

    Tokenization transforms traditionally illiquid assets like real estate into highly liquid digital tokens. This enables fractional ownership, facilitating easier trading and diversification.

  • Efficiency and Reduced Intermediaries

    Through the power of smart contracts and blockchain technology, the platform streamlines asset transfers. This results in reduced reliance on intermediaries, leading to lower transaction costs and faster settlement times.

  • Tax & Regulatory Efficiency

    Investors can seamlessly access real estate investments on a global scale through a tax-efficient Bahamas-based structure. This approach simplifies the investment process while minimizing regulatory hurdles, creating a streamlined and efficient investment experience.

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  • Shaman Trading has 5 distinct revenue streams:

    1. Listing Fee: Earned when property owners or developers list off-plan properties on the platform, initiate fractionalization, and successfully sell ownership rights to investors.
    2. Performance Fee: Generated upon successfully selling ready properties to the market, aligning rewards with successful sales outcomes.
    3. Commission on Rental Income: Earned by facilitating and managing rental income for properties within the portfolio.
    4. Commission on Secondary Market Trades: Derived from facilitating and earning fees on the trading of property certificates in the secondary market.
    5. Withdrawal Fee: Earned when an investor withdraws their profits from the platform. This fee incentivizes reinvestment within the platform and contributes to sustainable growth.

Commercial Project Pipeline

Shaman Trading has established robust alliances with top property developers in Bali, with their initial focus centred on the thriving real estate market in this region. As they continue to grow, the vision includes expanding the portfolio to encompass larger projects, such as beach clubs, hotels, and large-scale residential developments with hundreds of units.

The property developments include:

  • Maya Residence: Featuring 38 units of 220sqm 2BR Villas, including a Club-House.
  • Infinity Residence: Comprising 152 Units of 40sqm Apartments with various amenities.
  • Amari Villas: Consisting of 3 units of 192sqm each, featuring 2BR Villas in a Mediterranean style.
  • Komorebi Villa: Offering 1 unit with 4BR and 300sqm, providing captivating ricefield views.

These projects reflect Shaman Trading's commitment to providing a diverse array of real estate investment opportunities for investors.

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    • Pre-Seed Stage: Shaman Trading aims to raise $50,000 at a $1 million valuation, with a primary focus on developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), listing the first set of properties on the platform, and executing initial off-plan transactions.
    • Seed Stage: At this stage, the target is to secure $200,000 at a $4 million valuation. The funding will be allocated towards expanding the platform, increasing the core team, sourcing a broader range of properties, implementing a comprehensive global marketing strategy, and exploring opportunities in other Real World Assets. Shaman Trading aspires to maintain a consistent transaction rate of at least 1-2 deals per month, with a monthly transaction volume ranging from $200,000 to $500,000, solidifying its presence in the global market.

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