Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to be the foremost and most reliable provider of trading  services, helping traders and investors navigate the world of cryptocurrencies and web3 technologies with confidence and ease.

Our Mission is to empower traders and investors with scalable and innovative trading solutions, utilizing cutting-edge automation technology to simplify and streamline the trading process.

The Shaman's Team

Our experience in financial markets, quantitative trading and cryptocurrencies has brought us together to share this knowledge with everyone who is interested in making profitable trades without blowing up your trading account.

  • Dan Schenk

    Former international and IT project manager at The Hut Group (THG), the leading global E-Commerce incubator. Now on a mission to enable common investors gain access to Hedge Fund performance.

    Specialised in Finance, Economics, Trading, E-Commerce, Quantitative Coding & Crypto.

  • Harry Sidi

    Former CMO and co-Founder of cryptocurrency CloakCoin with cutting-edge technology in the privacy sector and Account Manager for digital marketing solutions on Enterprise Level. 

    Specialised in Finance, Economics, Trading, Marketing & Sales, Communication & Crypto.


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