Monthly Update May

Monthly Update May

We're excited to update you on our business activities and trading performance. We had major progress this month and are excited to share with you the highlights.

1. Technology
The codebase of our algorithm is constantly improving. This month, we dedicated our efforts to reducing slippage to a minimum. Our tech platform now allows for the entry and exit of trades with reduced slippage. Additionally, we have added a dynamic stop-loss feature. We have published version 5.9.4 of the BALIAN algorithm on TradingView, and version 1.3.5 of ENKI.

Click here and follow the updates on TradingView. 

2. Performance
You can now track the performance of our algorithm on our website. It is important to us to be transparent with investors and clients by providing access to this crucial information. The performance of the alpha phase has reached a gross profit of 19.3% and a net profit of 4.0%. The Sharpe Ratio stands at 0.15.

Visit here the Performance Dashboard.

3. Board of Directors
In mid-May, we announced our first board member, Matthew Vitamante. He is a seasoned financial expert with 25 years of experience in financial markets, venture capital, and digital assets. His extensive expertise in these areas will be invaluable as we continue to scale and grow. We also have two more candidates who will soon join our board.

Read here the Press Release.

4. Strategy
In the first quarter, we refined our existing business and revenue model, making it highly competitive. However, this strategy solely focuses on the retail market. The last week of May was significant for us founders as we developed a strategy to cater to institutional clients. We aim to provide cutting-edge solutions powered by quantitative algorithms and data-driven models. We are confident that Shaman Trading has the capabilities to grow in this direction and provide value beyond retail clients.

5. Fundraising
Round 1 has closed with 65% of the total $20K raised so far. We are confident in closing the remaining portion of Round 1 very soon. Once the first round is successfully closed, we will open Round 2 with an additional $20K. Meanwhile, we are in discussions with investors to close Round 3 with $200K. With these investors, we aim to form strategic partnerships and provide significant value to each other.

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We stay committed to our Vision and Mission and are very excited to execute constantly and consistently.
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