Update for STT Tokenholders & Future Investors

Update for STT Tokenholders & Future Investors


With the successful establishment of our International Business Company (IBC) in the Bahamas, we are pleased to announce that investors now have the opportunity to directly invest in the IBC, in addition to investing in STT tokens. In this update, we highlight the significance of this development for our existing token holders.

A. Investment Difference between DAO & IBC

IBC (Shaman Trading Ltd.)
As an investor, you have the opportunity to invest directly in the DAO with Stablecoin via MetaMask. The transaction is made on the Polygon network and transactions are verified with MATIC Tokens.

As an investor, you have the opportunity to invest directly in the IBC.

-> Minimum Investment: $500
-> Minimum investment: $10,000
-> How to invest into DAO: Read here

-> How to invest into IBC: Read here

B. Benefits of Holding STT Tokens VS Equity in IBC

IBC (Shaman Trading Ltd.)
a). Enhanced Liquidity: STT tokens provide higher liquidity through token buybacks and trading on decentralized exchanges (DEX).
a) Greater Control: Direct ownership of equity in the IBC grants investors a higher level of control over the company's direction and decision-making.
b). Full Anonymity: When holding STT tokens, no personal details are disclosed on the blockchain or the company's public files, ensuring full anonymity.
b) Legal Protection: Holding an official share certificate under the International Business Companies Act 2000 provides legal protection for investors.
c). Tokenholder Benefits: STT tokenholders gain access to exclusive benefits such as referral schemes, discounts on services, and more.
Best choice for investors with a shorter time horizon, that want to realise returns along the way, want to stay anonymous are fine with having a lower level of control and legal protection
Best choice for investors with a longer time horizon, that aren’t concerned with disclosing personal details and want a higher level of control and legal protection


C. Impact on Existing STT Tokenholders:

Existing STT Tokenholders have the option to seamlessly transition their token holdings into the newly established Bahamas entity at a 1:1 token to equity ratio.

Alternatively, tokenholders who prefer to remain fully invested in the web3 platform may continue holding their STT tokens without any changes to the token's features.

We want to assure all tokenholders that the features and benefits of STT tokens will remain unaffected. You will still enjoy capital gains, dividends, and access to various investor perks, including our referral scheme and discounts on trading services.

If you wish to roll your investment into the Bahamas entity, we kindly request you contact us before July 31st, 2023, for further information and assistance. This deadline ensures sufficient time for us to facilitate a smooth transition. However, if you prefer to retain your investment by holding STT tokens, no action is required.

Please note that while there will always be an option to swap equity for tokens and vice versa, however, due to the costs associated with changing equity stakes in the IBC and issuing new share certificates, a one-time fee of $500 will be charged for any token-equity swaps after July 31st, 2023.

We greatly value your continued support and appreciate your trust in our services. Rest assured, we are fully committed to ensuring a seamless and convenient experience throughout this process. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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