• 1) Check out BALIAN TradingView Script

    By now, you should have already received an Email from TradingView, notifying you that Shaman Trading has shared a script with you.

    Just in case, the Email didn't arrive, here is the link directly to the BALIAN TradingView Script.

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  • 2) Add BALIAN to your Favourite Indicators

    Scroll down on the page until you see a blue button stating "Add to favourite indicators".

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  • 3) Open Symbol BTCBUSD Perpetual Futures (Binance)

    Now open your TradingView Chart and search for the Symbol "BITCOIN / BINANCE USD PERPETUAL FUTURES" on the Binance Exchange, which is where the BALIAN Bot is running on.

    Or just follow this link directly to the right chart.

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  • 4) Set Time Interval to 15 minutes

    Set your chart to showing 15 minute candles.

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  • 5) Add Indicator BALIAN to your Chart

    First make sure you remove/hide any other indicators from your chart, then click on Indicators and add BALIAN by Shaman-Trading from your Favourites to your chart.

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  • 6) Trade Signals and Performance

    You can now see the historic performance stats by opening the tab Strategy Tester. Note, that depending on your TradingView Account, you will only be able to see performance stats for the past 3-6 months.
    Any buy (blue) and sell (red) signals also show directly on the chart.

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  • 7) Set-up Strategy Alerts

    If you want to follow the buy/sell signals closely, you can set up an alert on the Strategy. Just click on the "Create Alert" Button, then choose the BALIAN strategy in the Alert Condition. Define an Alert Name and Message and choose to get notified via App, Pop-up and/or Email whenever BALIAN makes a trade.

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That's it!

In case you have any difficulties viewing the BALIAN Trade Signals on the TradingView Platform, just drop us a message at contact@shaman-trading.com or WhatsApp: +62 812-3881-7391