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How does the Affiliate Program work?


The information available by Shaman Trading (hereafter – “Company”) is
for general information/educational use only and is not intended to address
your personal requirements. It is for educational use only and should not be
construed or interpreted as financial advice.

All information and statements presented by the Company in any form is
not intended as fact, therein, you agree and affirm that you will not consider
the statements or information presented on the Website by the Company as
factual or as a guarantee for future performance.

There are always risks when trading. Users must be aware of the risks
associated with trading, and personally bear any level of risk to invest in any
market whether financial or cryptocurrencies. Any past performance is not
indicative of feature performance.


The Company does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for rendering
advice with respect to investing in any currency, cryptocurrency, or digital
asset. Whereby, you agree the Company has not made any other representations or
information that constitutes financial advice. Everything listed on the
Company’s website or any form of published communications
and, trading tools (“hereafter, Indicators”) are purely for educational and
educational purposes.

We recommend that visitors and users seek advice from an independent
financial advisor before buying or selling any type of security,
cryptocurrency, or asset for that matter.


Publication and promotion of affiliate links can not in any way,
directly or indirectly, be published, illustrated, or mentioned on the Trading
View platform. This includes, but is not limited to the publication of ideas,
Trading View chat rooms, forums, and streams.

All Affiliates or Affiliated entities are in no way whatsoever
associated with the proprietary information provided by the Company

When will I receive my commission?

Each Affiliate will receive their commission on the 1st of each month to their BUSD (BSC) address. Please note that we do not pay through bank transfer, ONLY stable coin BUSD. 

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