Property Highlights

Discover an Exceptional Modern Lifestyle Investment just outside the bustling Canggu area in Bali, within this exclusive villa complex offering 38 luxurious 2-bedroom villas with a 25-year leasehold term.

Each villa comprises 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a spacious living room, well-equipped kitchen, dining area, balcony, terrace, and garage. Residents enjoy high-end amenities, including a 100-meter swimming pool, gym, alfresco bar and lounge, and co-working space.

Conveniently located:

  • Near Denpasar International Airport
  • Quick access to Pererenan and Seseh Beach
  • Quick access to Seminyak and Canggu dining
  • Proximity to fitness facilities, wellness centers and supermarkets

Investment Details

Property Purchasing Price (Off-Plan) : $100,000
Engagement Fee*: $60,000
Total Investment: $160,000
(Fractional Investments start from $20,000)

Property Sale
Projected Sale Price: $180,000 - $220,000
Performance Fee: 5% of Selling Price (> $180,000)

Projected Timeline
Until Completion & Sale: 10 months (until July '24)

*) The Engagement Fee covers expenses related to property acquisition and sale, including but not limited to transaction fees, notary/legal fees, marketing expenses, real estate agent fees, and miscellaneous expenses (e.g., travel, personnel, etc.).

  • Profit Scenarios

    The property is currently appraised by an independent real estate agency here in Bali with an estimated selling price of approximately $200,000 once it's ready next year. However, it's important to acknowledge that external circumstances affecting Supply & Demand, such as macroeconomic, regional, and natural factors, can have both adverse and positive effects on the selling price.

    In the worst-case scenario, we anticipate that the property may be sold for around $180,000, while in the most optimistic scenario, it could potentially achieve a selling price of $220,000.

    We'll apply a 5% Performance Fee based on the Selling Price, but it's worth noting that we won't charge any performance fee if the property is sold for less than $180,000.

    As a result, investors stand to enjoy a return on investment (ROI) ranging from a minimum of 6% to a maximum of 30%. This range accounts for various market conditions and potential fluctuations in the property's selling price.

  • Operational Process

    1. Property Acquisition: Indonesian PMA PT Shaman Trading acquires the property directly from the project developer during the off-plan phase.
    2. Ownership Transfer: Subsequently, Shaman Trading Ltd. in the Bahamas purchases property rights, encompassing all future proceeds such as sale or rental income, from PT Shaman Trading. These rights are then fractionalized using blockchain technology.
    3. Investor Participation: The fractionalized property rights are offered for sale to investors. Investors receive digital receipts secured through blockchain encryption, accessible to all relevant stakeholders including owners, verifiers, and financiers.
    4. Property Development: Upon completion of the property development, PT Shaman Trading proceeds to sell the property. The resulting proceeds from the sale are then distributed first to Shaman Trading Ltd. and subsequently
  • Timeline

    September 2023

    1. Property Selection: In September 2023, we initiate the process by carefully selecting a prime real estate opportunity.

    2. Funding Commitments: Simultaneously, we secure funding commitments from interested investors, ensuring the financial backing needed for the venture.

    3. Legal Set-up: Legal foundations are established during this month, including the creation of the Indonesian PMA and agreements necessary for property acquisition.

    October 2023

    4. Purchase Agreement: In October 2023, we proceed to sign the agreement for the property acquisition.

    5. Ownership Transfer & Fractionalization: Immediately afterwards, the property's ownership is officially transferred to the IBC in the Bahamas, and fractionalization processes are initiated to create investment opportunities.

    6. Investor Participation: Investors eagerly join the venture in October 2023, securing their stakes in the property.

    Ongoing (Post-October 2023)

    7. Marketing Strategy Execution: Our marketing strategy is put into action post-October, promoting the property to potential buyers and investors.

    8. Investor Updates: Regular updates are provided to keep investors informed of progress and developments.

    July 2024

    9. Property Inspection: Thorough property inspections are carried out in July 2024 to ensure the asset's quality and readiness for sale.

    10. Closing & Sale: In the same month, the property reaches the closing stage, where final details are ironed out, and it's made available for sale.

    11. Profit Distribution: Once the property is sold in July 2024, profits are distributed among the investors, reflecting the success of the venture.

Risk Assessment

Potential Delays

  • Probability: Moderate
  • Impact: Low

In the event of a timeline delay, our approach will remain consistent. However, it is important to note that the sale of the property will occur at a later date, resulting in a proportional delay in the distribution of proceeds.

Market Downturn Risk

  • Probability: Low
  • Impact: Medium

Should a significant downturn in the Bali real estate market occur, leading to a selling price falling below the projected worst-case scenario of $180,000, we remain committed to completing the property sale. However, under these circumstances, we will abstain from collecting a performance fee. This measure is intended to align our interests with investors during challenging market conditions.

Project Completion Risk

  • Probability: Extremely Low
  • Impact: High

In the unlikely event that the property development project is not completed by the project developer due to unforeseen circumstances, our contingency plan includes selling the unfinished property off-plan at a discounted rate. This approach is designed to mitigate potential financial impacts.

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