Round 2

$0 raised of $20,000 goal

Current Price: 1 STT = $0.26

Total STT Sold: 153,846
76,924 STT available until price increases

Current Supply: 1,747,573 STT


    Shaman Trading is a Proprietary Trading Desk. Our desk trades in indices, commodities, futures, forex, and cryptocurrencies. We employ both discretionary and quantitative trading strategies.

    Our trading approach aligns with the stringent risk management requirements of Trading Capital Allocator Firms, such as FTMO, which forms a cornerstone of our capital allocation strategy.


    As a Proprietary Trading Desk, we generate returns by trading capital allocated to us and have profit share agreements in place with the capital allocator. We seek allocated capital from various sources, such as Trading Capital Allocator Firms (e.g. FTMO), Individuals, Familiy Offices & Institutions.

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  • Capital Gains

    STT Token Holders will see their Token Value increase over time.
    With each Investment Round, the STT Token price increases in increments from a starting price of $0.13 in Round 1 to $0.26 in Round 2 and $0.58 in Round 3.
    Once we launch our Buy-Back Scheme in 2024, we will buy back your Tokens at the current Marketprice.

    Additionally, Token Holders will be able to realise the value of their investment by trading out of their position on decentralised crypto exchanges (DEX) like Uniswap.

  • Dividends

    STT Token Holders will be able to earn passive income with our Dividend Scheme (expected to launch in 2024).
    Each quarter, we distribute the profits we generate to all Token Holders relative to the size of their holdings. (Some of the profits we'll re-invest into the business, but most profits will be distributed).
    The amount you'll receive varies depending on your stake in the DAO, the performance of the Trading Operation and the % of profits we choose to re-invest for future growth.

  • Investors Perks

    STT Token Holders enjoy exclusive benefits like discounted rates on our Trading Services and being eligible to participate in the Referral Scheme.
    Furthermore, the governance of Shaman Trading will eventually move into the hands of the Token Holders, creating a socially conscious structure. STT Token Holders will be able to vote on topics such as new upcoming projects, distribution of funds & profits and more.
    This approach puts the power and success of Shaman Trading into the community's hands.

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Use of Fundraising Proceeds

  • Proceeds of Round 2 will be used to cover operating costs until our trading operation achieves net profitability.
  • Proceeds of Round 3 will be used to fund our in-house Proprietary Trading Operation.

Trading Performance

  • Profit: 40%
  • Drawdown: 3.0%
  • Win Rate: 80%


  • Profit: 25%
  • Drawdown: 3.6%
  • Win Rate: 76%

Average Monthly Profit: 2.6%

  • STT Token Distribution

    The total supply of STT is 1,747,573.

    The current distribution of STT Tokens is as follows:

    • 51.5% of Tokens are retained by our Founders
    • 8.8% of Tokens are allocated for Investment Round 1
    • 4.4% of Tokens are allocated for Investment Round 2
    • 19.7% of Tokens are allocated for Investment Round 3
    • 9.0% of Tokens are allocated for Awards. These tokens will be distributed to non-founding members for valuable contributions
    • 6.6% of Tokens are allocated for future Exchange Listings

    Future developments (e.g. additional Fundraising Rounds) may require the minting of additional Tokens.
    This will then be decided by the community via vote.

  • Token Ticker


  • STT to sell

    76,924 (4.4% of Total Supply)

  • Token Address


    View on Polygonscan 
  • Total Supply


  • Price


  • Accepted Currencies

    Crypto: USDT, USDC

    Fiat: USD, EUR, GBP, IDR

  • Invest in DAO

    You can invest directly into our DAO.

    For this you need a MetaMask wallet, a few MATIC Tokens and Stablecoins in the amount you want to invest.

    You can then deposit the Stablecoins into our DAO and your investment is received.

    Minimum Investment: $5,000

    How to invest in the DAO 
  • Invest in IBC

    Shaman Trading Ltd. is an International Business Company (IBC) incorporated in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

    As an investor, you have the opportunity to invest directly in the IBC.

    Minimum investment: $10,000

    How to invest in the IBC 
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  • Invest via STT Tokens in DAO

    • Lower minimum investment threshold: $5,000
    • Higher liquidity to exit investment via token buybacks and DEX
    • Full Anonymity - No personal details visible on blockchain or company’s public files
    • Lower level of control over company’s direction due to indirect ownership
    • Limited legal protection due to current limited regulatory framework (might improve in the future)
    • Access to Tokenholder’s Benefits like referral scheme, discounts on services, etc.
    • Option to swap tokens for equity at a one-time fee of $500

    Best choice for investors with a shorter time horizon, that want to realise returns along the way, want to stay anonymous are fine with having a lower level of control and legal protection

  • Invest via equity stake in IBC

    • Higher minimum investment threshold: $10,000
    • Lower liquidity to exit investment. Investment realised via equity buybacks and M&A
    • Disclosure requirement: Name and Address visible on public Share Register
    • Higher Level of control over the company’s direction due to direct ownership
    • Legal Protection due to having official share certificate under the International Business Companies Act, 2000
    • No access to Tokenholder’s Benefits
    • Option to swap equity for tokens at a one-time fee of $500

    Best choice for investors with a longer time horizon, that aren’t concerned with disclosing personal details and want a higher level of control and legal protection

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To contribute to the DAO of Shaman Trading please follow the link.
Next step connect your MetaMask wallet with DAO. Click on 'Finance' and click on the button 'New Transfer'.
Choose for your deposit the token (USDT, BUSD, USDC), type the amount and your name as reference. Confirm the transaction and follow the next steps in your MetaMask Wallet to verify the transaction on the Polygon Network.

Alternatively, you can also directly transfer to our DAO Treasury Account. We have wallets on Polygon and Ethereum.

Polygon: 0xfbba3eeea3190d0be8b7dab254a5b3dcd2aea064

Ethereum: 0x330cd2cca428e154c9449b3a9d978db7806fcadb

Shaman Trading is accepting Stable Coins such as USDT and USDC. When you contribute to the DAO make sure you have the currency in your MetaMask Wallet available.

Alternatively, you can invest with Fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP or IDR. Please contact us for further details.

Once the Round has concluded the tokens will be airdropped to your designated wallet.

To see the tokens in your Wallet, you need to import the Token first.
This is the Token contract address: 0xC660d9D591E7e942d6F1641959f54685608bb8E8

A DAO is a digital autonomous organization that operates on a blockchain network without intermediaries. It is decentralized, transparent, and democratic, with decisions made by the consensus of its members. DAOs can serve various purposes, such as investment funds, social networks, and governance structures.

Shaman Trading selected a DAO to raise funds because it aligns with the company's values of transparency, decentralization, and democratic decision-making. The use of smart contracts on a Polygon network ensures secure and efficient fundraising, while also promoting equitable and inclusive investment opportunities.

Shaman Trading chose the Polygon network for its fast and cost-effective transactions, scalability, and interoperability with Ethereum. The most important points to remember are:

  • Polygon's network offers fast and affordable transactions, making it attractive to DAOs.
  • The network's scalability is crucial for DAOs that require frequent transactions or have a large number of members.
  • Polygon's interoperability with Ethereum allows for easy integration with existing blockchain platforms.

Here's what you need to invest in the DAO:

  1. Create an account at MetaMask (Web3 Wallet) - It is avaible as App or Browser Extension
  2. Save your Seedphrase and never share or lose it.
  3. Add the Polygon Network via settings.
  4. Fund the Wallet with MATIC via transaction from another Wallet or use services via MoonPay or Transak
  5. Add contracts for Stablecoins USDT, USDC or BUSD to your Wallet and buy, swap or send the amount you want to invest to your wallet

MATIC is the native token of the Polygon network, to which MetaMask is connected to. Transaction fees on the network are paid in MATIC, so you need to have enough in your MetaMask wallet to execute transactions, i.e. investing in Shaman Trading via DAO. Furthermore, you need to have MATIC in your account as an investor to partake in important decisions via voting. Every decision within the DAO requires a vote from founders and investors.

There are different ways how to transfer the preferred stable coin into MetaMask.
1. If you already own some stable coins you can just make a transaction to your MetaMask Wallet. Make sure you chose Polygon Network before submitting the order.
2. If you do not own any stable coins then you can use the service of MoonPay or Transak and receive the coins.

First and foremost, every Token Holder is eligible to vote in the DAO.
There is a separate section for 'Voting'. A new proposal can be created by any Token Holder and all Token Holders can then vote on it.

The governance rules are made up of two factors. Minimum Approval and Support.
Minimum Approval is the percentage of the total token supply that is required to vote “Yes” on a proposal before it can be approved. For the Shaman Trading DAO this is set to 21%.
Support is the relative percentage of tokens that are required to vote “Yes” for a proposal to be approved. For the Shaman Trading DAO this is set to 51%.

The Bahamas provides some unique advantages, including its well-regulated financial sector, strong infrastructure, and favourable tax framework, to foster an environment conducive to our client's prosperity. This strategic move enables us to offer an extensive range of services, including trading, investment advisory, and wealth management, all while adhering to rigorous compliance standards.

That depends on your circumstances. If you have less than $10k to invest, your only option is to buy tokens. If you have more than $10k to invest, you can consider investing via the IBC, however, you will need to disclose personal information and will have less liquidity available to realise your investment. If you have more than $10k to invest, you can also opt for a dual-class investment, where you hold some of your investment in equity in the IBC and some in Tokens. Contact us for further details.

Yes, you can swap your equity into tokens and vice versa at a 1:1 token-equity ratio.

However, due to the costs associated with changing equity stakes in the IBC and issuing new share certificates, a one-time fee of $500 will be charged for any token-equity swaps.

Any further questions?

If you are unclear about anything, don't worry. We've got you covered.

WhatsApp us or drop us a message to or book a meeting with our CEO Harry below.