“He who does not trust enough, will not be trusted.” - Lao Tzu

How does it work?

Representation: Tree

3 Layer Concept

- Trading Framework (TRUNK)

- Trading System (BRANCH)

- Trading Application (LEAF)

Trading Framework

Representation: Trunk

The most fundamental rules of every trading decision are described in the Trading Framework with 36 parameters.

The Trading Framework is represented by the TRUNK as all Trading Systems and Applications are based on the same central Trading Framework.

Trading System

Representation: Branch

The Trading System defines price levels and indicators for trading decisions. It also contains rules for capital protection and risk management.

The Trading System is represented by BRANCHES as all Trading Systems evolve around a central Trading Framework.

Trading Application

Representation: Leaf

Trading Applications are created by applying optimised parameter values to a given market by utilising a Statistical Research Platform.

Trading Applications are represented by LEAFES as one Trading System can be applied to multiple markets.

Our Technology

Want to know how it all works in the backend? Read more about our Technology here.