• Financial Overview

    This financial forecast is built on the following assumptions:

    1. We raise $20,000, $20,000 and $200,000 in the 3 Investment Rounds respectively
    2. The Trading Algorithm returns 7% Net Profits per month
    3. Our Service Offering increases from $50k in AUM to $550k by the End of 2024

    Phase 1 - Round 1
    April 2023

    • Cash received: $20,000 in Round 1
    • Business Expenses: $4,000
    • Available Cash: $16,000

    Phase 2 - Round 2
    May 2023

    • Cash received: $20,000 in Round 2
    • Business Expenses: $4,000
    • Available Cash: $22,000
    • $10,000 will be invested in the Proprietary Trading Operation

    Phase 3 - Round 3
    June - October 2023

    • Cash received: $200,000 in Round 3
    • Business Expenses: $4,000 / month
    • Available Cash: $15,100
    • $200,000 will be invested in the Proprietary Trading Operation in 3 capital injections

    Phase 4

    November 2023 - February 2024

    • From that point on, we will deduct 25% of monthly profits for Business Expenses
    • The rest remains in the Trading Operation to compound
    • Available Cash: $15,100

    March - December 2024

    • The Dividend and Buy-Back Scheme will be announced
    • We will distribute 20% of Net Profits via the Dividend Scheme and reserve 5% of Net Profits for Buy-Backs
    • Since some Tokens are held in treasury (e.g. Tokens reserved for Awards and Exchanges), the available cash will slightly increase with each Dividend Round. The available cash can be re-invested in the Trading Algorithm or spent on the Business, which will be decided periodically via vote.
    • Available Cash: $20,137
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  • Assets

    Available Cash
    In Phase 1-3 we accumulate Available Cash until we invest it in the Proprietary Trading Operation. From then, Available Cash is being reduced to $15,100 and slightly increases over time once the Dividend Scheme starts.

    Funds invested in Trading Operation
    In Phase 1 there will be no funds invested in the Trading Operation since it is still in Development.
    Phase 2 will be run with $10,000 and Phase 3 will start with $210,000 + the profits from Phase 2.
    From there, the Funds invested in the Trading Operation increase over time as the Trading Algorithm accumulates profits. The drawdowns are deductions used for Business Expenses, Dividends and Token Buy-Backs.

  • Business Operation

    Profit from Proprietary Trading Operation is assumed to be 7% per month in this financial model. This means, profits will start to be generated from Phase 2 and then increase sharply once the proceeds from Round 3 are invested in the Trading Operation.

    Revenue from Services
    are expected to start being generated in Phase 2 and increase over time, once we acquire more customers.

    Business Expenses
    are set to $4,000 per month in Phase 1-3 as we invest heavily in the development & operations of the Trading Algorithm.
    Thereafter, we reserve 25% of profits for continued Business Expenses.

  • Distribution of Funds

    Proprietary Trading Operation
    Most of the Funds will be re-invested in the Proprietary Trading Operation, in which we also invest heavily in Round 3.

    Once the Dividend Scheme starts in 2024, we will distribute 20% of Net Profits via Dividend.

    Buy-Back Scheme

    The Buy-Back Scheme will launch alongside the Dividend Scheme in 2024 and will reserve 5% of Net Profits.

  • Token Price

    The Token Price will initially be set for Round 1 at $0.13, Round 2 at $0.26 and Round 3 at $0.58.

    From then onwards, the Token Price is calculated at a 5x Premium over the Net Asset Value (NAV).

    The NAV is calculated as the Net Assets (Cash + Funds in Trading Algorithm) divided by the Total Token Supply.

    We expect the Token Price to reach $1.64 by the End of 2024.