Monthly Update June

Monthly Update June

We're excited to update you on our business activities and trading performance.

1. Achievements
Partnership with Agio Digital for Incorporation in the Bahamas. This collaboration strengthens our operational capabilities and positions us for future growth. With a foothold in the Bahamas, we are embracing the "Digital Assets and Registered Exchanges Act" (DARE ACT) by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas as landmark legislation that regulates the issuance, sale, and trade of digital assets.

2. Technology
The improvement of our technology is continuous. To optimize trade execution, we have implemented advanced tech improvements aimed at minimizing slippage with a positive impact. Details can be found in the performance section for each strategy in the link below. The detailed pages for BALIAN and ENKI in the performance dashboard demonstrate that slippage, both for entry and exit, has now been reduced to below 0.02% in total. This significant improvement represents a remarkable 75% reduction compared to previous months.

Link to Performance Section

3. Performance
Trading in June regained strong momentum following May's losses. We closed the month with a notable achievement of a 3.5% net profit, marking our second-strongest monthly performance to date. Additionally, we have enhanced our Performance Dashboard with the following data points. Our performance dashboard now offers additional insights, including Cost of Trade, Performance Funnel, Gain-Loss Ratio, Holdings, and Performance vs BTC. These enhancements empower investors with valuable information to make informed decisions.

Link to Performance Dashboard

4. Fundraising
As of today, we have already closed 73% of our Round 1 and received $14,6K out of $20K. Besides smaller investors, we have received genuine interest and intention from larger investors for Round 2 and Round 3. We are looking forward to closing Round 1 by mid-July and opening Round 2 immediately.

5. Other News (Legend: 🟢 = positive / ❌ = negative)
🟢 BlackRock applies for Bitcoin ETF
🟢 Deutsche Bank applies for Digital Asset Licence in Germany
🟢 UK recognises crypto trading as regulated financial activity
❌SEC’s Binance, Coinbase Suits Create Uncertain Future for Listed Tokens

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