Join the Future of Crowdfunding: Shaman Trading Revolutionizes Business with DAO

Join the Future of Crowdfunding: Shaman Trading Revolutionizes Business with DAO

Are you curious about the trendy new way of crowdsourcing investments? Have you heard about DAOs, but you’re not sure what all the fuss is about? It sounds pretty exciting – so why should you care?

At Shaman Trading, we are tapping into the potential of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) to revolutionize how we do business. We believe that a DAO is the next logical step in our evolution as a company and in the growth of web3, and we want to invite everyone to join us on this exciting journey.

In this article, we’ll take a look at why Shaman Trading chose to leverage a DAO in the first place and what benefits it provides both practically and technically. We’ll also look at how investors can participate and what kind of rights they have within the DAO. Let’s dive right in and explore why Shaman Trading decided to go down the DAO route!

What Is DAO and What Is Shaman Trading?

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) are web3 layer organizations built on a smart contract and replacing traditional structures. They decentralize organizations, providing potential benefits such as transparency and better governance. Shaman Trading is one of the first companies who leveraged DAO to push ahead.

Specifically, via its DAO, Shaman Trading allows investors to become holders of the Shaman Trading Token (STT) and obtain governance rights, membership and benefits associated with it. Besides, investors can participate in the organization's activities through voting rights and can even receive payments such as dividends and buy-back share. 

Ultimately, by using Aragon’s DAO offering, Shaman Trading is able to raise funds that will be used in order to continue the research and finalize the development of the existing trading bots. At the moment, Shaman Trading has 2 trading bots available and another one in production phase. The goal is to build between 5-6 trading bots with a specific scope for different market situations. Thus, both from a technical but also from a practical viewpoint, the advantages of having a distributed organization can be clearly seen in this case.

Benefits of Using a DAO for Web 3 Applications

DAOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, are quickly becoming the go-to option for web3 applications. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, they provide a secure and transparent platform to manage projects that involve multiple stakeholders.

At Shaman Trading, we chose to leverage a DAO that operates on the Polygon Network to launch our operation because of its many advantages.

1. DAOs are secure. As all transactions are stored on the blockchain, they're immutable and virtually hack-proof. Plus DAOs allow stakeholders to collaborate without having to trust each other—so parties can rest assured that their investments will be safe and protected.

2. DAOs provide flexibility and scalability. They enable teams to set up complex governance structures with built-in voting tools, which makes it easy for stakeholders to discuss proposals and come to consensus about the best course of action for the project.

3.  DAOs create trust between stakeholders. As all decisions made within a DAO are processed publicly on the blockchain and visible in real-time, all participants can feel safe knowing that their investments are being handled properly.

At Shaman Trading we believe that leveraging a DAO is an essential component of creating successful web3 applications —we are using it as a foundation for our trading bots platform and invite investors to join us in this unique opportunity!

Why is Shaman Trading using a DAO?

The use of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) has taken off in recent years, and Shaman Trading is no exception to the trend. DAOs operate on the Polygon blockchain, which ensures that all participants are bound by a set of governing rules written in code - no centralized authority is required. This setup creates a more secure and transparent environment for making decisions and exchanging value.

Moreover, the immutability and trustworthiness of the Polygon network helps to ensure that all parties will abide by the rules, thus making it easier for investors to protect their interests.

Shaman Trading chose a DAO because they wanted to create an environment where investors could have direct participation in the growth of the company, while still having some degree of control over their investments. Through a DAO, investors can open up proposals for investments, vote on them and distribute rewards among themselves based on these decisions. The company also gains from the increased efficiency and transparency that comes with a DAO structure.

In addition to these benefits, Shaman Trading can also benefit from the Aragon Network's reputation for creating secure environments with unparalleled transparency. By using Aragon's DAO solution, investors will feel more confident in their decisions, knowing that everything is built on a trusted foundation.


Investing in Shaman Trading Through the DAO

With the release of their DAO, Shaman Trading is offering a unique opportunity for investors to get involved with the project and take part in the decision-making process. Investing in the DAO is easy - simply purchase Polygon-based MATIC tokens via MetaMask and you will be eligible to vote on decisions such as which new areas to explore and product launches.

The DAO model allows investors to have more control over their investments and gives them direct voting power in the platform. Investors will also be rewarded with dividends.

The Aragon platform used by Shaman Trading has been designed with security in mind, allowing investors to have peace of mind when participating in decision-making processes. The platform also offers tools for dispute resolution, allowing investors to protect their investment if they disagree with a decision taken by the DAO.

Overall, investing in Shaman Trading through the DAO offers both security and voting power for investors, as well as potential rewards for taking part in decision-making processes.


What Are Investors Rights Within the DAO?

Investors can join the Shaman Trading DAO to receive a return on investment, but to also help shape the future of the project. Through the DAO, shareholders have voting rights that enable them to make decisions that will affect their returns and how the project is managed.

Investors have full disclosure of all project-related information and have the ability to ask questions anytime and as often as they need. Through direct participation in the decision-making process, investors can also receive tokens for their participation.

It is important to note that each investor’s rights within the DAO are limited to their shares in the organization. With no real control over day-to-day operations or executive decisions, investors must trust in the board members to make wise decisions on behalf of all shareholders.


Technical, Practical and Financial Benefits of a DAO

### Technical Benefits ### 

First and foremost, DAOs provide a framework for organizations to operate within and are formed in such a way that business operations can be managed without the need of centralized control. This allows organizations to decentralize decision making while still maintaining control over operations. The Aragon platform used by Shaman Trading allows users to set up companies autonomously, create token assets and adopt governance models quickly and efficiently.

### Practical Benefits ### 

As blockchain enables trustless transactions, it is possible to verify all transactions with ease as they are all securely stored on the blockchain. This also eliminates the need for intermediaries as transactions on the blockchain are managed between parties directly without requiring trust or verification from third-parties. The immutable nature of information on the blockchain also eliminates the possibility of fraud or manipulation of data.

### Financial Benefits ### 

DAOs offer some unique financial advantages compared to traditional fundraising strategies such as initial public offerings (IPO). By leveraging token-based fund raising models such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) or Security Token Offerings (STO), organizations can maximize their reach by tapping into new markets beyond traditional venture capital funding sources. Furthermore, this model allows investors to participate directly with in a project through buying tokens giving them certain rights and privileges within.

In conclusion, DAO's are proving to be a great way to fundraise and invest in companies looking to expand their research capabilities and operations. Shaman Trading was one of the first companies to adopt this new form of investment, and it has since seen a lot of success in its ability to raise funds and execute its vision. By leveraging the power of the Aragon DAO, Shaman Trading has been able to bring together investors from around the world, while also providing transparency and security to the investment process. This is just the beginning of the possibilities DAOs can provide to businesses, and it won't be long before we start to see even more companies leveraging the power of the DAO to reach their goals.

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